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The Rise of Music Streaming

Ever since 1998 the music industry has seen a continuous fall in revenue, however the rise in Online Music Streaming seems to have saved it according to a [...]

How to Find a Record Label

When you have finished creating your music promotion package, the next step is to find a record label to whom you want to send your demos. There are plenty [...]

The Perfect Soundcloud Profile

Whoever visits your soundcloud page does not know you in real life. So if you profile looks poor, the visitor will assume you are not putting much effort [...]

8 Great Websites For Design

Music producers need good design: For their albums and tracks, but also for their social media profiles and if your artworks are poor you won't be taken seriously. [...]

How to make a Vocal Pad

Today we are talking about a really cool topic: How to make pads using vocals. This technique is usually called blurring your vocals, but we are just going to [...]

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