How to Find a Record Label

//How to Find a Record Label

How to Find a Record Label

When you have finished creating your music promotion package, the next step is to find a record label to whom you want to send your demos. There are plenty of possibilities to find a record label using the internet. This post covers some very efficient tools for your research – do the following steps every 2-3 days and you’ll find a label that fits you very quickly. This won’t take you more than 20 minutes!


Browse Beatport

Spend about a quarter of a hour daily checking Beatport for new labels. Beatport is a place where almost every label is represented. Researching Beatport occasionally will ensure you stay updated on new and hot labels in the scene. Tip: Browse genre specific labels and the Top 100 charts to spot trending and rising labels.

To keep an overview on all the labels you find, I highly recommend you collect all relevant information in an Excel sheet. Don’t have Excel? No problem, there is a free online version called Excel Online which is more than enough for your needs. Another alternative is Google Sheets.


Get the most out of Google Search

Yeah, you read that right! Searching Google is simple and effective and will help you to find plenty of labels to add to your list. Believe it or not: 90% are not utilizing Google when researching labels. Be creative when it comes to key words and don’t use the same search terms every time. Vary the keywords and try to be as specific as possible! For example, you can search for “Dubstep labels New York”, “Top 100 Labels New York”, etc. Also, don’t hesitate to browser the second and third page of search results.

Here are a few tricks that will help you to get the most out of Google:

  • use quotation marks “your search term” to search for an exact set of words
  • put a dash before a word you want to exclude in your search youtube music channel -monstercat
  • use a tilde to include results for a words synonyms find a ~label


Search Social Media

Sounds pretty basic too, but again plenty of artists are not making the most of it (or not using Social Media at all for their research). Almost every label will have social media profiles. Take a few minutes every day and search on multiple social networks (like Facebook, Soundcloud, etc.) and collect as much information as you can. Check what labels people are posting about and which labels seem to be currently trending.


Thank you for reading! As always, feel free to comment below if there is anything we should add to this tutorial. Now that you have found the label of your dreams, proceed with reading about the process of sending your demo to a record label!

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