Create Music Promotion Packages 

//Create Music Promotion Packages 

Create Music Promotion Packages 

When creating your promotion package which you plan to send to a label there are a bunch of things to bear in mind. Here is how to create music promotion packages that look as professional as will make your competitors green with envy!

Note: This articles only covers the creation of promo packs. If you were looking to buy music promotion bundles (like shoutouts, soundcloud promotion) you can write us an email so we can talk!
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1. Pick a few good Tracks

The main purpose of creating a promotion package is of course to advertise your music or try to get a gig. No matter where you send your demos: Keep in mind that those people that are going to review it do not have the time to listen to your whole album, so sending them 20 tracks isn’t a great idea. Instead, you should only decide for two to four tracks – preferably some that sound unique and have a powerful intro. If you’re doing different genres it’s completely fine to include them, but make sure it doesn’t look random. Your own style needs to be present in all tracks you include in your promo package!


2. Write a short Bio & Press Release

Your package should always include a short artist biography. Keep it short and professional and do not be overly emotional. The bio should not be longer than one page.
Some types of music promotion packages should also include press release. This is not required if you’re sending in a demo, but if you are advertising a new LP, you should attach one that covers all details about your album. You might want to check out 8 Simple Steps to Formatting a Proper Press Release on CyberPR.


3. Your contact

Make sure to include your full contact information. Put them everywhere! Under your bio, on your demo, everywhere!


4. Additional information

If there are any articles or reviews about your or your band? Cut them out and photocopy them. Do not forget to name the source and date!
You might as well include a photo in your package (especially when you plan to send the whole thing to newspapers, websites or any other platform that usually publishes photos. At the end, adding a personal touch – such as stickers – often works well.


Some additional tips:

  • Call your targets first and ask for the contact person and if there are any publication deadlines
  • Address the contact person in your text
  • Double check for copy & paste mistakes


If you own a label and are interested in our artists music promotion packages – or if you are just curious – you can check them on TalentHub. (Not yet but soon!)

Need help? Feel free to leave a comment!

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